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The Mysterious Gamer is a gaming hardware firm run by gamers on a mission to shake up an industry that, in our view, needs innovation. We're committed to assisting serious and enthusiast gamers in creating the ‘gaming station' of their dreams at a fair price, using high-quality equipment.


In 2018, a hardcore PC gamer became concerned about a major issue. He discovered that his favorite pastime was being controlled by a small number of powerful gaming hardware manufacturers, who exploited customers through extreme markups. The best gaming equipment available was outrageously expensive, and there was no way to know which one was best. With a genuine passion for entrepreneurship and gaming, he determined that it was feasible to remedy this problem. He could produce better gaming equipment and sell them at reasonable prices, thanks to the support of a community of fellow avid gamers, as well as a small investment. The Mysterious Gamer was formed.

We've been striving to redefine possibilities in the PC gaming world since the day we launched our first mousepad. We're a group of gamers who've been around for years, and we developed a line of professional-grade high-quality equipment that was previously out of reach for most players, we provide it at rates that are always fair.


We believe that buying gaming gear shouldn't be complicated. With a focus on form, function, and aesthetics, we painstakingly perfect each product we sell so our customers can be confident that every purchase is the right one. We feel that buying gaming equipment shouldn't be difficult. We meticulously develop each item we sell, paying close attention to form, function, and style in order to provide our consumers with assurance that every purchase is the best one possible.

We can keep our goods at the forefront of innovation without having to give customers a staggering number of alternatives by adopting a continuous improvement mindset.


For some people, gaming is just a pastime, while for others, it's a lifestyle. We've yet to accept any outside funding or spend a lot of money on marketing. We've thrived thanks to the support of a passionate fan base and perfection-conscious professionals who respect our devotion to quality.

Whether you're a casual gamer or an e-sports competitor, we want to make sure that gamers worldwide can play at their best. With so many individuals now a part of The Mysterious Gamer group, we're well on our way to success.

The Mysterious Gamer is based in New York, NY, USA.